Meet Patric Richardson, The Laundry Guy from HGTV!

Jan 30, 2024, 20:13 PM

If you’ve ever sat for hours and scrolled through all those viral “clean tok” videos online, here’s your chance to learn IN REAL LIFE directly from the man who literally wrote the book about laundry – Patric Richardson, affectionately known as “The Laundry Guy” Patric is appearing at the Louisville Home Garden + Remodeling Show on Friday, February 2nd at 2pm and Saturday, February 3rd at 1pm & 4pm!


Patric has been obsessed with cleaning and laundry since he was a toddler. His first book, Laundry Love, is devoted to how perfect the art of laundry and gained him a legion of followers who soaked up his tried-and-true advice for banishing stains and taking care of clothes to give them a longer life.


His new book, House Love, takes that same passion for cleaning outside the laundry room and into the rest of the home.



man with curly blonde hair wearing a red flannel shirt


Patric hosted his own show The Laundry Guy on Discover +, and has been featured nationally and internationally on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Washington Post, Good Morning L.A., Wall Street Journal, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, The New York Times, WGN, Twin Cities Live, The Tamron Hall Show, BBC and more.  


Before his Louisville appearance, Patric shares some of his best laundry secrets:


Q: What is your favorite part of doing laundry?  

A: I love the whole process for 2 reasons, first, it makes whoever you are doing laundry for (including yourself) happy; second, it gives me such a sense of satisfaction, you start with this wrinkled stain pile of fabric and end with a beautiful closet full of clothes….Mick was wrong, you can get satisfaction!


Q: What is the trickiest stain to get out?  

A: Lipstick or Barbeque…They are both oily and complex and, in both cases the higher the quality, the harder to remove!


Q: What is the most underrated cleaning product?  

A: VINEGAR!  I love it for so many things, it is perfect to remove oily stains in the laundry and then clean the laundry room!


Q: Best home purchase for under $100?  

A: A steamer, but an all purpose one, you can use it to clean the house, and it will have an adapter to steam clothes.  So all purpose.



man using an indoor clothing rack to hang wet clothes on



 Q: What home gadget or tool should every homeowner have?  

A: I couldn’t do laundry without a horsehair brush. They get softer when they are wet so they are safe enough to scrub cashmere and silk, but strong enough to take out serious stains.


Q: What is one design tip for big impact in the laundry room?  

A: I am famous for saying you should hang a disco ball in the laundry room, but after that, get a great light fixture and some paint. You can make a fun room that you love to work in, it can just take an afternoon.


Q: What do you enjoy about being at a home show?  

A: First and foremost.  PEOPLE.  I love to talk, and I love to meet people in their towns and hear their stories.  Second, my father was  a builder so I love seeing all the aspects of home and garden.  I like to walk around and see what everyone has to offer, it totally energizes my mind.

Follow Patric on Instagram  @laundrypatric and check out his helpful YouTube videos on his website To see him in Louisville, check out the Louisville Home Garden + Remodeling Show | February 2-4, 2024 | Kentucky Exposition Center.