Rules & Regulations
2018 Home, Garden & Remodeling Show – Rules & Regulations
  1. Rules & Regulations: Exhibitor agrees to abide by and adhere to all laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Jefferson County and all pertinent ordinances thereof.  Exhibitor also agrees to abide by all official Show Rules & Regulations set forth by Show Management and the Kentucky Exposition Center (Including but not limited to the State Fire Marshall Requirements and Policies).  Said Rules & Regulations are hereby made a part of the exhibit space agreement.
  2. Booths, Signs & Flags:  BOOTH: The 10’ x 10’ in-line booths have 8' high back drapes (if needed), and 48" high divider drapes between each exhibitor (if needed).  Standard booths (does not include island bulk spaces) should not exceed 8' in height – including signage – without show director’s approval.  Exhibits may extend one half of depth of booth (5’ from rear to front) at 8' height.  Remaining front half of booth depths shall not exceed 48" in height.  All "end cap” booths are required to submit a drawing that will be subject to approval for participation. Tables are required to be draped with a cloth material that is fire retardant – no plastic.  All exposed parts of display partitions must be finished or covered at the exhibitor’s expense so they do not present an unsightly appearance when viewed from adjoining booths or aisles.  Any additional equipment or drape is to be at the expense of the exhibitor.  The space rented is to be returned to its original condition.  SIGNS: ONLY bulk booths(islands) are permitted to hang overhead signage from the ceiling.  Please refer to the Exhibitor Manual for drawings and additional information on booth set-up. All flags and signage in booths are subject to all booth rules and regulations and cannot be in the front of a booth blocking the line of sight or above the approved height. Flags and signage must not extend outside of the allotted booth space.
  3. Electricity/Water/Other Services: Orders must be in by February 2, 2018 in order to receive the Advanced Rate on services.  Electrical outlets, carpenter work, shelving, forklift rental and decorative features are additional charges through the appropriate service contractor.  Charges for special facilities or services shall be payable by the exhibitor directly to the service contractor. (Order Form - Exhibitors are prohibited to bring in their own fork trucks into the facility.  If you should need a fork truck, contact Fern Expo Services. Fern 502-367-0254 KEC/Electrical 502-367-5321
  4. Exhibit Space/ Floor Plan: Exhibit space MUST be manned at all times.  Exhibitors leaving their booth without representatives during show hours for more than 5 minutes will be fined $500 for each occurrence, each day. The contracted space is to be used solely by the exhibitor whose name appears on the contract and no other portions can be sublet or assigned.  No booth space may be assigned, sublet or shared with another firm, either partially or in its entirety, without the written consent of Show Management.  No exhibitor shall exhibit in his space any other goods, apparatus, service, advertising signs, etc., other than those what items or displays that have been approved by Show Management on the signed contract.  Violation of this rule shall be cause for eviction without refund.  All promotional and sales activity must be confined to the approved booth space.   
  5. Space Guarantee:  This agreement does not reserve, nor guarantee to, the exhibitor any space, a specific area  or space priority, right of first refusal or any other manner of participation in any future show.  The floor plan is subject to change without notification to the exhibitor. 
  6. Move-In/Out: Subject to size and location, refer to the Exhibitor’s Manual for details. Move-in: Monday, Feb 26 (after 2 p.m.) – Thursday, March 1.  Move-out: Sunday, March 4 (after 5pm) through Monday, March 5.  Move-in & move-out times are listed in the Exhibitor’s Manual.  Any outstanding balances with the BIA must be paid in full in order to move-in.  Move-in and Move-out is permitted only through the dock areas and overhead doors.  Exhibitors will not be allowed to use the front lobby area for move-in or move-out.  A fine of $500 will be assessed for each infraction.  Limited vehicles will be permitted inside the Exposition Wing during designated move-in and move-out times only.  Any space less than 400 sq. ft. will not be allowed to begin set-up prior to Wednesday morning.  **ALL 10’ x 10’ single booths must be MOVED OUT NO LATER THAN Sunday, March 4th at 10 p.m.  All bulk exhibits must be moved out by 5 pm, March 6th. THERE IS NO DRIVE IN ON THURSDAY, MARCH 1st WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. 
  7. NO EARLY MOVE-OUT: Any exhibitor moving out prior to 5 p.m. March 4 will be fined $500 and loses the ability to pre-register for booth space the following year.  Keep in mind the public has paid to see all the exhibits up until 5 pm on Sunday. 
  8. INDEMNIFICATION:  Exhibitor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Building Industry Association of Greater  Louisville, Inc. (BIA) and its agents, employees, officers, directors, representatives and affiliates, including the Show Director, against all loss, costs, damages, liabilities, actions, causes of action, demands, claims or injury of any nature whatsoever brought or asserted by any person and in any way connected with, arising out of or claimed to be arising out of, exhibitor's booth or any rental space used by exhibitor.  This agreement to indemnify, defend and hold harmless extends to all claims of injury or damage related to your actions or the booth rented by exhibitor, whether direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, regardless of whether they are the result of the negligence of BIA.  This agreement to indemnify, defend and hold harmless also includes, without limitation, (1) all claims, demands and actions arising out of or in any way related to any license, copyright, trademark or patent rights or laws, and (2) all claims, demands and actions related to any theft or claim of theft of any personal property. 
  9. Aisles: Exhibitor’s MUST REMAIN INSIDE ALLOTTED RENTAL SPACE.  Failure to abide by this rule will result in a minimum fine of $1,000. Any expenses and liability claims arising out of said space violation are the full responsibility of the exhibitor.  Aisle space shall be under the exclusive control of the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville.  
  10. Automobiles/Tents/Sand: Helium balloons, automobiles, tents, and sand are NOT ALLOWED. Any vehicle that is a part of a display must be approved by Show Management. 
  11. Other Shows & Events: It is not permissible to promote any other Show or Event at the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show unless otherwise approved by show management in writing. 
  12. Exhibitor Credentials and Parking Passes: Each exhibitor will be provided with a limited number of Exhibitor Credentials to the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show at no charge. (Refer to the 2018 Exhibitor’s Manual.) Parking Passes may be ordered and purchased by the exhibitor. Parking Passes are limited and once they are sold out additional passes must be purchased through the facility for their current list price. 
  13. Character & Eligibility of Exhibits: 1) Loudspeakers and high volume sound equipment are prohibited.  Audio video equipment must be restricted in volume so as not to disturb other exhibitors.  Management reserves the right to enforce these restrictions at its own discretion, including the use of microphones. 2) Exhibitors may distribute literature and demonstrate products or services in booth confines. 3) Exhibitors conducting any type of drawing must first notify Show Management in advance of the Show.  Giveaways involving a vehicle are prohibited unless approved by Management.  4)  The Management reserves the right to decline or prohibit, any exhibit or part of exhibit, which is not in keeping with the character of the general exhibits; this also refers to conduct or attire of persons, printed matter, souvenirs, or anything that may be classed as undesirable.  Any mechanical devices must be operated in such a way as not to interfere with the exhibits of others.  5) The BIA/Home Show Management reserves the right to determine the display eligibility of any company or product. 
  14. Facility Contract: Neither the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville, The Kentucky Exposition Center, nor the Show Management will be liable for the fulfillment of this agreement for rental or space if non-performance is due to strikes, acts of God, the authority of the law, or any cause beyond their control.  Exhibitors hereby waive all claims for damage or compensation in the premises. 
  15. Materials Subject to License/Restriction and Sales Tax:  The exhibitor agrees to obtain, at its own expense, any licenses or permits from government bodies which may be required for the operation of its trade or business during the show and to pay all taxes that may be levied as a result of the operation of its trade or business in the space.  Show management will distribute KY Sales Tax information with credential packets. 
  16. Security: Although overnight security is provided for normal protection, the BIA, Kentucky Exposition Center and the security contractor does not assume responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items.  Valuables should not be left in the booths unguarded at any time.  Exhibitors are encouraged to lock up or remove small valuables in the booth each night.   
  17. Insurance:  Exhibitors shall secure and maintain liability insurance, at its own expense, naming the BIA and the Kentucky Exposition Center as additional insured.  Exhibitor will be required to furnish a certificate of insurance to Show Management prior to the first show date.  The Insurance Certificate can be faxed to 502-429-6036 or emailed to 
  18. TERMS OF BOOTH PAYMENT: A 50% deposit of the total amount due must be submitted with the completed application to be considered for space.  Applications received after December 29, 2017 require full booth payment with application. Applications submitted after December 29, 2017 may not make the Show Guide Publication.  After December 29, 2017 full payment is due with application. After December 29, 2017 all payment must be made by valid credit card (Visa/MC), certified check or cash.   All deposits are non-refundable. Make checks payable to the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville.  All outstanding booth balances are due no later than December 29, 2017 or Show Management reserves the right to re-sell the booth space with no obligation to exhibitor.  NSF Checks: In the event that the exhibitor’s check is returned by a bank due to insufficient funds, a $100 administration fee will be charged to the exhibitor. 
  19. Cancellations: All deposits are non-refundable.  Cancellations made after December 1, 2017 will be required to make full booth payment. 
  20. Show Dates/Hours:  March 2-4, 2018.  Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Sunday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
  21. Exhibitor’s Manual: The 2018 Exhibitor’s Manual, as established in writing for all exhibitors by Management, is part of this agreement.  The Exhibitor’s Manual can be found at or call 502-429-6000 for a printed version to be mailed to you.. 
  22. Amendments: The BIA shall have full power to interpret and amend the rules from time to time.  Wherever these rules do not cover a situation, the BIA may make rulings it considers to be in the best interest of the Show, and the exhibitor agrees to abide by the rulings.
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