The Benefits of Brick

Sam Hoehner, General Manager
Lee Brick & Block Louisville Showroom and Manufacturing Facility

BRICK is the Environmentally Friendly Choice for America’s Homes. The concept of sustainability and “green” building practices has caused significant changes within the residential construction industry over the past decade. Building “green” is more that just an environmental buzzword, though. In the end, the consumer also benefits from sustainability through less-frequent maintenance needs and greater energy efficiency, resulting in lower costs over the life of a building, as well as a healthier indoor environment.

To fully understand the Environmental Benefits for using brick we must include:

  • Durability: Brick has existed as a building product for thousands of years, and it has a track record of safety and durability – hallmarks of sustainable building. Durability also means minimal upkeep and it has an unsurpassed life cycle. It will last for at least 100 years with little maintenance or repair. A brick home typically has a higher appraisal and resale value and results in lower insurance costs.
  • Emissions: Brick enhances the indoor environment as well as the out of doors. Brick is an inert natural product and contains no hazardous chemicals or volatile organic compounds. It emits no toxic fumes or smoke and will not burn. Brick does not require painting and by minimizing maintenance needs, brick promotes a healthier environment.
  • Energy Efficiency: Brick is a natural insulator – it has the ability to absorb and release heat over an extended period of time, which helps reduce energy consumption. For instance, the heat absorbed by brick during the day can help warm the home at night. Because of its thickness, brick also requires less insulation than most other materials for the same energy performance. This adds up to a lower heating and cooling bill.
  • Mold: Brick is not food for mold.
  • Safety: Because brick is fireproof and doesn’t release toxic fumes in a fire, it makes for a safer home as well as the possibility of lower fire insurance premiums. And its strength resists impact, such as projectile debris flung at it from a tornado or straight-line winds.
  • Comfort: Because brick does not need to be painted and resists mold and insects, no chemical treatments are necessary, in turn promoting better indoor air quality and a healthier family environment. Brick’s acoustic properties help control noise, leading to a quieter home.

Overall, bricks are durable, natural products that contribute to comfort and energy-efficiency which makes them… the Environmentally Friendly Choice for America’s Homes.

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