6 Tips For Lawn Mower Safety

By Bob Draper

One of the most dangerous items at home is the lawn mower. Every year, over 12,000 people are injured due to accidents related to lawn mowers. What is truly awful is that many of the injured are under 18 years old.

The range of injuries includes minor burns, deep cuts, loss of toes or fingers, broken bones and a lot more. Even people in the vicinity of the lawn mower can get hurt from flying stones propelled by the spinning mower blades. To prevent accidents take note of these tips.

1) The first time you use your lawn mower, ensure you read the operation manual that came with it. The operation manual will contain safety information regarding your particular mower. Some men think they are above reading operation manuals, but it's time well-spent and could keep you or a member of your family out of the Emergency Room.

Lawn mower manufacturers don't want their customers to get hurt by their product. Which is why the manufacturer builds in certain safety devices into their lawn mowers. Do not tamper with any built-in safety devices, they are there for good reasons.

2) If you are looking to buy a lawn mower, get one that cuts power to the mower once you let go of the handle. This feature is called a dead man's switch and could save someone from a nasty injury.

3) Prior to mowing your lawn, do a visual check of the area to be cut. You are looking for any stones or other objects which could get hit by the mowers cutting blades and fly out causing injury or damage.

4) Here's a biggie... children and lawn mowers don't mix.

Although a lawn mower should only be operated by adults, many parents still let their children mow the lawn for their allowance. Don't let your child mow your lawn - it's just not worth taking the risk.

A good percentage of the injuries caused each year by lawn mowers happen to children. If your children are nearby when you are mowing the lawn, get someone to watch them. You can't afford to split your concentration between the job at hand and keep a watchful eye on the children.

And never allow children to ride the lawn mower - It's not a toy. Many child related accidents are caused by children falling off lawn mowers and getting badly injuried by the machine or the fall.

5) Always wear suitable footwear when you are mowing the lawn. Footwear that can protect your toes from the powerful motor, should a mishap occur. It should go without saying that bare feet or sandals are a big no.

6) If your lawn mower is gasoline powered, store the gas outside, not inside the garage or tool shed. Likewise, fill up the fuel tank in the open air. The reason for this is that gasoline gives off highly flammable fumes, which can build up in enclosed spaces. It could only take one spark to set alight these fumes and cause serious injury and damage.

Put these lawn mower safety tips into action and not only will you have a healthy lawn, but you will stay healthy as well.

Bob Draper manages the GoodLawnMowers.com website which is an information center on all types of lawn mowers. Find constantly updated information on good lawn mowers and resources at http://www.goodlawnmowers.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bob_Draper

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